Antarctica Talk – 25th October 2023 7pm

We are delighted to welcome Dr Tom Bracegirdle of the British Antarctic Survey, back to Finzean, where he grew up, to give a talk on climate change in Antarctica and why it matters to us here in Aberdeenshire.

Free talk, Wed 25th October, Birse and Feughside Parish Church, Finzean 7pm booking essential!

“Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, most remote continent on Earth and the seas that surround it generate the coldest densest water in the world’s ocean. These conditions contribute to making Antarctica a fascinating and challenging region to study. This talk will start with an overview of our current understanding of the weather and climate of Antarctica, including its ice sheets and seas. This will include insights into what it’s like to live and work in Antarctica.

Although major advances have been made in understanding the Antarctic climate system, important questions remain unanswered. Until recently many aspects of the Antarctic climate system had been changing relatively gradually. However, this appears to be changing. The most extreme ‘heatwave’ ever recorded globally occurred over East Antarctica in March 2022 when surface temperature anomalies of up to 38.5 °C were observed. Yet, relatively little is known about how extreme weather events in Antarctica, and their impacts, have changed and will change in frequency and intensity. I will present some of the latest science on how and why Antarctica is changing and why it matters to us in the UK.”