Aye it Was Aabody project and book

Sian Loftus was also involved in the second main BCT project of 2019 – the “Aye it was Aabody” project and book. This project grew from the fact that the original School in Finzean was founded using money sent back from the sale of slaves working on a plantation in Jamaica. This paid for the building of the school, the salary of the head teacher (so families didn’t have to pay for their children to go to school) and for a number of bursaries for local children at universities in Aberdeen. The project worked with the local school children, linked Finzean School to a school in Kingston Jamaica and produced a book of the story, which has been sent to every single primary school in Aberdeenshire. The book is for sale through the BCT office. The project also resulted in a local History Group being set up.