School Wood

BCT manages the School Wood at Drumhead to provide an educational resource for the pupils of Finzean Primary School and a site that is also enjoyed by other members of the community.

BCT works in cooperation with the School to encourage and assist the continuing involvement of pupils with the Wood through tree planting and a range of other environmental projects. In 2011, BCT created a 1000 metre path between the School and the School Wood. This enables pupils to reach the Wood without going along the public road and so increase the opportunities for the School to make use of the Wood.

The new path is part of the Finzean Community Path created by BCT in 2011 to link Finzean Village, Drumhead and Whitehills, as the three main locations of the community facilities in Finzean. One of the benefits of the Community Path is that it enables more pupils to come and go to the School on foot or bike without being on the narrow roads.

The School Wood covers 0.3 ha and has three parts, each with its own distinctive character. There is the original area that was planted by pupils in 1973 as part of the national initiative to ‘Plant a Tree in ‘73’. There is then the area that was added when BCT first took over the management of the site. This was mainly planted by pupils in 1999-2000 and around one third of those pupils were children of the pupils who had planted the trees over 25 years before in 1973! In 2007, an area across the road from Finzean Church was added to the School Wood and then planted with native tree species.

A particularly prominent project at the School Wood was the work involved as part of the Wood being featured on the Beechgrove Garden TV Programme in 2004.