Recent Infrastructure & Maintenance Projects

The Old School – Looking to the Future

The project to revive the Old School and identify future purposes for the site continues. Following the community consultation in 2019, a feasibility study was produced by architecture firm ARC identifying a potential concept for the site and associated cost estimates. BCT is now working on identifying potential sources of funding to take the project forward to the next phase.

Signage Projects

BCT has, since early 2019, been introducing signage to several of its sites. This has included a high-impact fire warning sign at the Finlets end of the Commonty Pinewoods to improve awareness of fire hazard during high risk periods. It has also extended to the installation of informative, appealing infographics at Corsedardar, the School Wood, the Commonty Pinewoods and the Sawmill. It is planned to install further signs at other sites soon. Watch this space!

Maintenance of the Mills

The Friends of the Mills group have successfully replaced the bridge over the Bucket Mill’s tail race as well as reconstructing the wooden railing around the wheel pit and tail race. BCT is enormously grateful to the team for their hard work. We think you’ll agree the craftsmanship is excellent and they’ve done a tremendous job.

Repair of the Weir at the Sawmill

The Sawmill and the Turning Mill are powered by water running down the lade from the weir 250 metres up river from this site. The flow of water is controlled by a series of sluice and drop down gates which are set up to ensure that there is sufficient water to turn the wheels at the correct speed. The weir was extensively damaged in Storm Frank in 2016 and was repaired by two local craftsmen aided by volunteers in 2017/2018. The work was carried out with the approval of Historic Scotland, SEPA and the Deeside Fisheries Board. The repair and replacement work was carried out to the highest standards of craftsmanship and authenticity.

Extension of track network and creation of new loop in Balfour Forest (BTCo)

BTCo has been busy extending the track network in Balfour Forest. Exclusively using material from borrowpits within the forest itself, the tracks have recently been resurfaced and extended to improve accessibility and also provide a handy loop for walkers.