Our Purpose

BCT is a company that is owned and managed by the local community to promote the common good of the inhabitants of Birse parish and deliver wider public benefits.

BCT is run on behalf of the community by local Trustees elected by BCT’s Ordinary Members. Everyone living in Birse parish and on the Electoral Register for the area is eligible to become an Ordinary Member by completing a BCT Membership Form .

The Trust was set up in 1998 to operate as a local community business and increase the ability of the three communities in the parish (Ballogie, Birse, Finzean) to tackle local issues and capitalise on local opportunities. BCT develops and implements projects on behalf of the community and its role complements the activities of the parish’s three community associations and two community councils. BCT works in close partnership with these groups.

BCT has achieved a great deal since it started. A reflection of these achievements is the following statement marking BCT’s first ten years by the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Minister for Rural Affairs, Richard Lochhead MSP:

‘BCT has been one of Scotland’s leading examples of an innovative and successful rural community business for the last ten years. During that time, BCT has made a remarkable contribution to community development in Birse parish. BCT has an impressive track record of delivering both local community and wider public benefits. I congratulate BCT on its first ten years and wish it continued success in the years to come.’