Aye, It Wis Aabody
by the pupils of Finzean School in conjunction with BCT (see recent projects), 2019 available to purchase from Yeadons of Banchory ( and Finzean Farm Shop (
A graphic novel exploring the Birse area’s links with the Caribbean slave trade

An Account of the Parish of Birse
by Robert Dinnie Published 1999 £8.50 (BCT Members £7.00) + p&p
BCT’s reprint of the classic history of the parish originally published in 1865.

History in Birse
by Robin Callander Published 2000 £9.75 (BCT Members £8.00) + p&p Out of Stock
BCT’s new edition with all four original volumes from the 1980s and with the addition of an index.

The Statistical Accounts of Birse Parish
Published 2001 £3.95 (BCT Members £3.00) + p&p
The three well informed descriptions of the parish in 1791, 1840 and 1950 for Scotland’s Statistical Accounts in one volume.

The Natural Heritage of Birse Parish
Published 2004 £2.00 (BCT Members £1.50) post free
A4 format, full colour report.

The Birse Parish War Memorial, Corsedardar
Published 2005 £2.50 (BCT Members £2.00) post free
An account of each of the thirty four men recorded on the parish war memorial at Corsedardar.

The Souter’s Shop, Ballogie
Published 2006 £2.50 (BCT Members £2.00) post free
A description of the ‘time capsule’ soutar’s (shoemaker’s) shop dating from the 19th century that still exists in Ballogie.

The Geomorphology of Birse Parish
by Martin Johnson Published 2007 £2.00 (BCT Members £1.50) post free
A4 format, full colour report.

The Muckle Spate of Twenty Nine
by David Grant Published 2009 £2.00 (BCT Members £1.50) post free
BCT’s reprint of the famous local poem about the record spate (flood) on the Feugh in August 1829.