BTCo works alongside the Aberdeenshire Trails Association to maintain the Chutney and Relish mountain bike trails in Balfour Forest and also to manage the safety aspects for all users of the forest.

In doing so BTCo hopes to ensure other sections of the forest remain quiet for walkers and wildlife although this is of course primarily a commercial forest and managed as such.

We would ask all users of Balfour forest, from cyclists to dog owners, horse-riders to joggers and walkers, too be respectful of others and nature while visiting the forest and to comply with any current restrictions or signage.

Where possible if you can cycle or walk to the forest this is of great benefit to the local area as the single-track road is not meant for lots of vehicles and there is limited car parking space at the forest as we do not wish to detract from the natural beauty and tranquility of the area.